Our Most Popular Anti-Ageing Treatment Revealed

In a world where cosmetic procedures and treatments are key to looking younger, more rejuvenated or just simply more relaxed, Australians are choosing cosmetic beauty treatments as a way to stimulate collagen and turn back the clock.

Instead of resorting to plastic surgery and more invasive treatments, some people will opt for weekly peels, regular laser, radio frequency facials or microdermabrasion treatments. These beauty treatments that literally go skin deep are no longer seen as a luxury but rather a necessary part of their beauty routine in an effort to ward off the signs of ageing.

One of the most obvious explanations for the trend of trying to look younger is the notion that we as a society tend to place a lot of emphasis on physical appearance and beauty. And while it used to be that surgery was for the older individuals who wanted to look younger, cosmetic procedures are no longer just for the baby boomers. The new reality is that millennials are getting plenty of work done, too, and the obsession with looking young, dewy, and essentially ageless has led us to a new era of simple, artificial solutions for even the most microscopic of wrinkles.

But not all solutions to the anti-aging phenomenon are artificial, in fact, an extremely popular trend taking the beauty world by storm; one that can cure nearly all of your aging woes. It’s called micro needling, and it may just change your skin for the better.

Also known as derma rolling, skin needling or dermapen. This treatment began as a cosmetic procedure offered exclusively by professionals, but now also has a gentler at home version.

Skin Needling has quickly evolved into the most popular anti-ageing treatment. This clinic treatment is in such high demand our clinics are performing over 1000 skin needling dermapen treatments each week.

It involves using fine needles to punch microscopic holes or punctures into the top layer of the skin (not as painful as it sounds, we promise) in order to stimulate your skin’s natural collagen production. Though it is mildly uncomfortable at first, derma rolling instigates your body’s natural healing process by sending collagen, and circulating blood, to the “wound site,” which in turn plumps the skin. It is, for all intents and purposes, a natural version of the beloved collagen injection.

Though they may sound slightly terrifying, derma rollers are perfectly safe wand-like devices that contain hundreds of tiny needles on a rolling head. To use one yourself, all you do is gently roll the tool across your face in horizontal and vertical lines after applying some facial oil or serum (you’ll want to use one that works well with micro needling, like, for example, a hyaluronic acid).

Now, while you might find yourself walking away from the bathroom mirror with a slightly inflamed complexion after some DIY micro needling, you will notice that, within a few hours, your skin will acclimate to the treatment and the results may surprise you.

Some studies have shown, for example, that micro needling can successfully improve the appearance and severity of scaring, in addition to rejuvenating the skin and reducing the severity of acne scarring and wrinkles. Micro needling has also proved successful in stimulating hair growth and reducing skin pigmentation. Other studies have found micro needling to be particularly effective in tightening and toning the skin, something basic cosmetic treatments like anti wrinkle injections are often used for. But more than that, micro needling helps to increase the efficacy of the anti-aging products many of us already use, which means your creams and serums are doubly effective when used in conjunction with a derma roller.

Depending on your skin concerns, you can use a derma roller as part of your beauty regiment once a week, or just a couple of times per month. Personally, I use a derma roller twice a week and have been quite surprised — in the most positive way — with the results. A dewy, plump, and more rejuvenated complexion is just one result I’ve experienced since my foray into at-home micro needling, but I’ve also noticed it keeps my complexion clear, which is something that those who struggle with breakouts or clogged pores may appreciate.

Whether you choose to try micro needling — or run away screaming from the thought of shoving tiny needles into your face — a natural solution to fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, and dull complexions is within reach, and may just be the next best thing for those of us unwilling to go under the knife to shave years off our appearance. And it definitely doesn’t hurt that it helps all our products and creams do their job a little better, too.