Are Men After Our Beauty Secrets?

Every guy needs to admit this one honest truth: Feeling that you’re getting old sucks, no matter what your age. We all look in the mirror every morning and judge ourselves by how we look. The numbers also don’t lie. According to The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, sales records for botulinum toxin, better known by the brand names Botox and Dysport, to estimate 1.5 million jabs had been administered in about 250,000 wrinkle reduction procedures last year. That is a 30 per cent jump on the previous year.

What makes the explosive growth in cosmetic injecting fascinating, isn’t the market numbers. It’s the psychology and shame that’s still associated with it. I’m going to lay much of this blame at the advertising industry. For centuries, women have been held to a far higher standard when it comes to ageing so it’s a modern, socially acceptable norm that many of them will willingly go under the needle or knife to reset nature’s clock.

Men, by contrast, have long worn their wrinkles and sun damage as a public badge of endurance, hard work, experience, and sacrifice. The “Holden Colorado – Not to be outdone” campaign shows the guy trying to outrun the mountain goat in his new ute, definitely doesn’t have a smooth, flat forehead.

High-profile celebrities like Robert Redford who have rocked their creases for decades on the red carpet have also perpetuated the psychological baseline that it’s better for men to remain au natural.

There’s definitely still a stigma out there that men are vain if they want to look younger and vanity goes against everything that most men have been taught about ‘being a man’. Despite the number of men seeking anti-wrinkle injections has increased 310% since 2000. A similar boom is happening with other non-invasive procedures like filler and laser treatments. Teeth whitening, eyebrow sculpting, and hair removal are popular procedures.

What I’m seeing more now is, like, a straight stockbroker who just wants to look good; so is now the time for women everywhere to lock up their eye cream and moisturizer so their boyfriends and husbands don’t demolish them before they even realize what’s happening?