Must Have Celebrity Tweakments from just $50

The days of flaunting obvious work are over. The new wave of subtle cosmetic procedures are quick, effective and will leave everyone guessing. These small adjustments and improvements are known as “tweakments”. We speak to our Dr Scott Ellis about lip flips, fixing a gummy smile and the celebrity must have tweakments.

Gone are the days of obvious nose jobs, eyelifts, and chipmunk cheeks. Instead, new technologies and techniques using injectables allow doctors and nurses to perform “tweaks”, making cosmetic work much more natural and harder to spot.

“People are starting younger and making small, regular adjustments part of their routine. It’s like working out or cleaning your apartment – great results can’t be achieved by doing it once a year in spring. Celebrity patients are often making clinic visits monthly, making small adjustments here and there to prevent and reverse the signs of ageing without their friends, family or the media noticing.”
– Dr Scott Ellis

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  1. Turn that frown upside down – Small amounts of anti-wrinkle injections applied to muscles beneath the mouth to lift down-turned corners.
  2. Liquid Face Lift – Small amounts of filler in the temples, cheek and/or jawline to make the face look less hollow and naturally youthful.
  3. Jaw Sculpting – Anti Wrinkle injections along the jaw to lift the jowls and sharpen the jawline
  4. Brow Lift – Small injections between and underneath the brown to even out asymmetry or give a lifting effect. Bye Bye
  5. Dark Circles – filler applied to the very upper parts of the cheeks to lessen dark circles under the eyes.
  6. Gummy Smile – Anti Wrinkle Injections applied next to the nose to drop a gummy smile.
  7. Lip Flip – a cosmetic procedure that gives lips a softer, fuller appearance using anti-wrinkle injections.