12 Celebrity Skin Secrets Revealed

Skin Secrets the Tips they don’t want you to know: Prevent sun damage, uneven skin, redness and more….and just in case you were wondering no using a dish brush to exfoliate isn’t one of them. When it comes to our skin, we all want it to look the best we possibly can. Keep reading for some of the best kept industry secrets. Try one (or two, or three) and you never know—you may have just found what you’ve always been looking for in the quest for perfect skin.
  1. PROTECTION – We all like to feel protected…well; so does your skin. Sunscreen is one of my all “Must Have” products. I don’t leave the house without it; let alone go on a beach vacation. The sun is one of the most damaging contributors to our skin ageing prematurely. Use an oil free sunscreen to Prevent Breakouts. We recommend Clear Skincare Sunscreen which has an oil free option for those prone to breakouts. If the unfortunate happens and you do get burnt. Treat Sunburn or dehydrated skin with Hyaluronic Acid – Our HA masks are like Gatorade for your face,” “It’s all about getting the inflammation down as soon as possible to curb damage in the skin and to calm redness,
  2. PEEL AWAY – An acid peel twice a month can do wonders for you’re skin. It clears up dulling, dead skin cells, which not only helps even out any discoloration, but also draws excess oil out of the pores and leaves skin less shiny.
  3. EXFOLIATE – Scrub Often, this is one of the most skipped and most common skin errors. Exfoliating your skin assists in the cell turnover process and helps maintain an oil free, even complexion. This helps to get rid of dead skin cells and reveal beautiful and glowing skin underneath.
  4. BANANAS – A banana a day does wonders for your skin. “They’re full of potassium and magnesium, so they help to regulate your digestive system, which in turn makes your skin glow.
  5. STEAM YOUR SKIN – You may be familiar with having your skin steamed during a facial, but that’s not the only time you should do it. Infrared saunas are the perfect place to treat two beauty concerns, steam your skin and sweat it out for a slimmer body. Steaming is one of the top ways to treat dehydration, acne and allergies and promote glowing, healthy skin.
  6. CLEAR BREAKOUTS – Dr Philippa McCaffrey’s SGA Acne Treatment is the answer if you never want a pimple again. With over a 90% success rate; this drug free solution to acne will change your life. Try your first treatment for FREE
  7. HYDRATION – To get skin that gleams and glows, Do a hyaluronic acid mask. The result: plump, glowing skin.
  8. RADIO FREQUENCY – RF treatments are ideal for all skin ages and stimulate muscle tone and brings oxygen to the cells. These treatments also increase the production of collagen and elastin in your skin. Our RF Lift and Restore Facial is the best thing for getting your skin firm, plump and dewy (especially for neck and jawline areas).
  9. WASH IT AWAY – Washing your face and removing your makeup is as important as they say. Removing makeup and letting your skin breath and heal whilst you sleep. Cleansing off dirt daily is essential for a healthy and happy skin.
  10. TEAR TROUGHS – This little secret is right at the top of my list and can instantly take years off your appearance. With the added bonus of only needing to do it Once a Year. Using a dermal filler a cosmetic injector can fill the hollowing under your eyes. Meaning you not only always look fresh this also removes or reduces any darkening or under eye bags.
  11. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS – For a flawless and glowing complexion 80% of what your skin looks like is due to your home care routine every day and every night. Use products that have a high content of actives and not cheap fillers these will not only be more effective at delivering visible results they will also last you longer as less is required. Steer away from cheap supermarket products with even cheaper ingredients.
  12. SLEEP – One of the big ones to Keeping your youthful looks for longer and finally, our last tip is to get as much sleep, as possible. It is a fact that lack of sleep can cause puffy eyes, fine lines and poor skin tone and the recommended amount of sleep for an average adult is at least eight hours a night.

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