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Laser vs. IPL – What is the difference? Which is Better?

Laser hair removal and IPL both work by producing light energy that targets the hair’s pigment to damage the hair follicle. This then reduces hair regrowth without causing harm to the surrounding tissues. Both laser and IPL hair removal have been shown to permanently reduce unwanted hair, but there are key differences in the two technologies.

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5 Reasons Laser Hair Removal is Best in Winter

I’m pretty sure I can safely say we all love the idea of our underarms and bikini line to be flawless and smooth without having to worry about shaving all the time. Laser hair removal is a great option for permanent hair removal on virtually any part of the body, but the best time for this treatment is during the colder months. If you’re not convinced then keep reading for 5 reasons to laser this winter.

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11 Hair Removal Myths Busted

Cosmopolitan editor visited Clear Skincare Clinics to find out the truths behind 11 of the most common hair removal myths. While Miley Cyrus often sports armpit hair, most of us are more inclined to remove it. Either way, we’ve got your back. This is a must read before you shed your Autumn coat. Find out the truth, as we expose 11 hair removal myths.

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Never Get An Ingrown Again

Ingrown hair removal has always been a tricky issue. Previously, the removal of unwanted or excess face or body hair meant resorting to plucking, waxing or shaving, all of which can sometimes cause individual follicles to grow back into the skin, creating the painful red bumps we recognize as ingrowns.

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Ditch The Razor And Switch To Laser And Support White Ribbon Australia

To celebrate their new unbeatable laser prices, Clear Skincare Clinics are calling all Australian women to ditch their razors and wax strips on Thursday 21 March. Australia’s leading acne, skin and laser experts will open all 23 Clinics for a nation wide campaign encouraging women to throw away old razors and switch to laser hair removal with a $10 Brazilian.

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