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Dr MCCaffrey : Importance Of Vitamin A, C & Skin Peels

I am going to tell you about the best ways to combat ageing skin and the effects that key ingredients Vitamin A (retinol, retin A, tretinoin) and Vitamin C have on your skin. With summer over, elements like change in climate can often cause your skin to dry out. A drop in humidity can also strip the skin of its natural moisture barrier leaving it feeling dull and lifeless. Now is the perfect time to refresh and restore your skin.

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Pigmentation – What Is It & Why Do We Have It?

Do you suffer from dark spots or pigment on your face? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Pigment affects many people due to a range of reasons including hormones, sun exposure, damaged skin or hereditary reasons. It can make the skin look uneven and sun damaged, giving it a dull and worn-out tone, which is visually ageing. Generally, pigmentation is caused by excessive production of pigment that gives the skin it’s brown hue, melanin.

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Dr MCCaffrey’s Expert Advise: Skincare Through The Ages

As we age, our skin undergoes a plethora of changes. All the hallmarks of young skin, plump, smooth and blemish free, are gradually reversed. Whilst it is not possible to prevent skin aging, there are many steps we can take to slow the process down and keep our skin in the best condition possible for as long as possible.

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