6 Steps to Beat Acne

Adulting has its hassles, but acne shouldn’t be one of them. Get your confidence back with these top tips from Clear Skincare.

Pick the perfect products
As owners of acne-prone skin know, some skincare products can bring on breakouts, but the right active ingredients will make skin look clear, healthy and glowing. Salicylic acid can help clean up pores and prevent further pimples from forming. Try Clear Skincare Salicylic Toner to help break the acne cycle.

Makeup with minerals
Oil-based makeup is another pore-blocking breakout booster, so it’s best to avoid it. But don’t fret about going bare-faced: opt for a non-comedogenic (non-pore-blocking) mineral powder instead. It’s kinder to sensitive, acne-prone skin and still gives great coverage.

Exfoliate excellently
Acne-prone skin needs exfoliation just like other skin types, but it’s usually sensitive, so go gently. Low-concentration glycolic or lactic peels, such as Clear Skincare Overnight Acne Peel, or glycolic peels containing microdermabrasion crystals work best.

Eat to beat it
Healthy eating benefits mind, body and spirit – and breakout-prone skin, too. Cutting out dairy, high-GI foods such as white rice, and refined carbohydrates like white pasta, bread, cakes and biscuits, may help improve your skin – try it and see.

Beach it, baby
A beach day might seem a perfect pimple fix, but always protect your skin from UV rays with sunscreen that’s specially formulated for acne-prone skin, such as Clear Skincare Oil Free Sunscreen. Better still, clinic-based LED treatments are safer than sun exposure and have the same positive effect – minus the damaging rays.

Try an acne treatment
If you’ve tried the above and nothing is working, consider a more permanent solution such as Clear Skincare’s Signature Acne Treatment. This drug-free solution has a 90 per cent success rate at eliminating acne, breakouts and pimples, and is available in Clear Skincare Clinics across New Zealand.