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Name: Olivia
Age: 21


Name: Hayden
Age: 19


Name: Shanna
Age: 28



Name: Abby
Age: 27 Location: Harrington Park
Treatment: SGA + Skin Peels
How many? 5 treatments

Message From Abby

I joined the gym for the first time ever this year… ‘The Skin Gym’
Since I’ve been going to the Clear Skin Clinic Miranda, my skin has changed dramatically… so has my life!

Having acne on and off for the past five years has changed me in every way. Sometimes I describe it as paralyzing. I wanted to do so much but was limited because of how my skin looked and made me feel. I cancelled my plans on a daily basis, not wanting to go to the shops and do groceries, or normal day to day activities. These activities I just found so hard to do.

Waking up in the morning and looking into the mirror has never been a refreshing start to my day. I wouldn’t have a shower in the morning before work because a shower would make my skin look worse. I would always have my blinds closed at home. I liked it dark with soft lighting, it gave me comfort and made me feel better. When going out for dinner with my husband I would always choose the restaurants that had dark lighting so I would feel comfortable. Most of the time, I wouldn’t go and would stay home in my pajamas. I dreaded going out on every occasion.

Not only have I been going through the emotional pain of having a gazillion red cystic lumps on my face but also going through physical pain. When I smiled or go to kiss someone on the cheek I would accidently bump my skin causing me horrible pain… not to mention my embarrassment as I would sometimes say ‘ouch’ out loud! Even just having a simple conversation with someone I would start to blush because I was so self conscious and thought everyone was looking at my skin and I felt they were staring at me and thinking how ugly I was even though they probably weren’t.

Doctors after doctors have prescribed me medication and always suggested I go on Roaccutane and a whole range of antibiotics that I would refuse to take, especially when I was trying to conceive a baby.I used to be the most confident person. Always happy and loving life. Who I was as a person started to fade away as more time went on.

Then my cousin Lauren told me about ‘The Clear Skin Clinic’ and insisted I go! Being skeptical and having had bad skin experiences in the past at other places I hesitated. As my skin started to flare up and get much worse, I just didn’t want to go through it anymore. I was talking to my wonderful husband and he encouraged me to go.

My cousin made my first appointment. Still being skeptical at the initial consultation I agreed to give it a go. After two weeks I noticed my skin getting that little bit better, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have now been going to the gym… the ‘skin gym’ for five months and I feel like I have got my life back. I’m excited to get up in the morning and see my skin looking that little bit better every day!

I’m a better wife to my husband John and a better mother to my 15 month old daughter Scarlett. Just in general, I am a better person. I feel like the old Abby is back! The one I used to know; happy, confident and loving life. I want to spread the word and help people that are going through the same pain I went through.
Thank you Clear Skin Clinic Miranda!
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Meet Kym

I’m Kym Ried and I’m 37 and I’ve suffered with Acne all through my schooling life and up until starting SGA.

How did you feel when you were suffering from ACNE and how did this effect your day-to-day life?

Acne made me feel self conscious and quite shy as well. So it affected my life in different ways. So if I go out with friends, or work, it was a constant cover up and making sure everything is hidden and that was quite difficult and took a lot of time.

What other products or treatments have you tried?
I tried a lot of things to help the situation, I tried Microdermabrasion which I found wasn’t right for my skin at the time. I was using cleansers, toners, moisturisers but again those products just didn’t work and they reacted with my skin more then assisted clearing them up.

What made you try SGA?
I just wanted to find a treatment that was going to permanently remove my pimples and I just googled and found it online, called up and had my consultation and then started treatments. I’ve had 12 treatments so far, so the whole year of treatments and that’s pretty much all I think I’ll ever need because there is no more pimples.

How did you find the treatment on your skin?
The treatment itself is painless, it’s just a tiny little needle into your pore and it’s a warm feeling. It’s not as painful as some of the things I have had in my life. So I have had big operations that were a lot more painful then this.

How has your skin changed since being on SGA and how has this now affected your life?
It’s cleared up completely and brought out the best my skin has ever been. It’s fantastic and changed my life in so many ways, I’m confident and I’m happy to just jump up in the morning and put my sunscreen on and go. It’s not a long process every day to cover up all the pimples because they’re all gone.

Have you been using any other products along side the treatments?
Yes, I’ve got the cleansers, the smooth cream, the clear cream and I mix them together and use them each night to keep my skin looking fresh. The copper peptides, the eye cream and they’re all great.

Are you on Skin Gym?
Yes, I’m on my skin gym and I paid 12months upfront and every month I go get SGA and I have my Crystalite and Peel a week later and the two together just work fantastically and I’ll probably do the 12months again (Skin Gym)
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Chinese Translation

Meet Maggie

My name is Maggie and I’m Chinese

What concerns did you have with your skin before you came to Clearskincare Clinics?
I had Acne and Acne scars.

How did this impact your life?
I didn’t feel confident going to school or work with pimples on my face and washing my face every night was quite painful.

How many years did you have these concerns for? Were you suffering?
Around 5 years

What other treatment and products had you tried before you came to Clearskincare Clinics?
I tried many kinds of treatments and products. I tried facial masks, herbal tea, Chinese medicines and they didn’t work. I tried antibiotics that had to be taken for six months that left me feeling very dehydrated and helped the infection but not the Acne.

What treatments have you had since coming to Clearskincare Clinics?

I had Pixel treatments for my Acne scars and SGA.

How many treatments have you had?
I had two Pixel and 6 SGA treatments.

What happened to your skin after having SGA?
In the following days it (SGA) brought to head all my pimples in which I used the easy squeeze to get rid of and then my pimples went away and didn’t come back again.

Did that happen quite quickly?
Yes, within one to two days.

How did you feel after two to three weeks?
My skin felt smoother.

Did you have any other treatments other then the permanent pimple removal (SGA)?

A week after SGA, I had the Crystallite peel.

Has your skin changed after using the SGA treatment?
I found it like magic. If I had a pimple in an area, I would use SGA on that area and the pimples would go and not come back again.

How has this changed your life since getting the SGA treatment at Clearskincare Clinics?
I feel more confident and use to be sad to go out to the shops and look at my face but now I’m more confident.

Would you recommend the treatment to anyone else who suffers from Acne or pimples?
Yes, SGA is highly recommended and the Clearskincare Clinic products as well. I use the cleanser, moisturizer and serum and they are really helpful.
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Meet Rachel

My name is Rachel, I’m 40 years old and I’m from the Philippines, so I have Asian skin and I’m a registered nurse.

What concerns did you have with your skin before coming to Clearskincare Clinics?
Before I discovered Clearskincare Clinics, I had very bad Acne on my skin, all over my chin and it was very cystic. It was really pusy and sprouted around the chin area and on my forehead, which was out of control.

How did this impact your life?

It was really difficult because I work in a field where it requires you to be clean. Having Acne on my face and seeing patients looking at me, wasn’t very good and I couldn’t do anything about it because I had it. So, I tried different products and it never work and am really thankful I found the Clearskincare Clinics and this brilliant treatment they had for Acne which removes it permanently. Acne makes you feel a little bit disappointed when people looked and stared at you, even though they didn’t say anything, you could read between the look and the lines. It made me think I need to do something about it and was confused about how it was happening at my age.

So how many years were you suffering from acne?

It’s been about a year and I had it bad for six months until I found Clearskincare Clinics and from the six months since I found the clinic, my face is now clear.

So how many treatments of permanent pimple removal (SGA) have you had?
I have had it five times to achieve this result and I am very happy with it.

What other treatments or products did you try before coming into Clearskincare Clinics?

I tried everything recommended by my friends and went to my GP as well and got antibiotics to treat it but they never worked.

How did you find the permanent pimple removal (SGA) treatment when you started having it? What happened to your skin?
It’s actually amazing. The technique used doesn’t leave scabbing or scars because such a fine needle is used. The treatment itself has no after effect, there was no redness and for me, I had no reaction.

How has it affected your life since you started using my Skin Gym and permanent pimple removal (SGA) treatments?
I’m happy and feel like I’m looking young. Everyone has noticed my clear face and think I have used expensive treatments but I tell them that it really isn’t expensive and quite affordable.

Would you recommend this permanent pimple removal (SGA) treatment to anyone else?
Yes, I would. I already recommend it to my friends and colleagues that I know are suffering from Acne, I think it’s the best. I tell them not to waste their money on different products, just go and have the SGA because that’s a treatment where you will get results.
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Meet Natalie

My name is Natalie Griffith, I’m 28 and I’m Australian.

What concerns did you have with your skin before you came to Clearskincare Clinics?
My concern was Acne, Pimples and Blackheads on my face but I was also concerned about fine lines and Clearskincare Clinics dealt with all of that, so that’s why I came here.

How many years did you have those concerns?
I’ve had Acne and Pimples since I was a teenager and I did all sorts of things and tried all sorts of products to help. I eventually tried Roaccutane, which was a strong medication that makes your skin very dry and red which was really awful.

How did this affect you and your life?
I had low self-esteem and I didn’t want to meet new people. In my job, I am required to meet new people all the time and I felt self conscious and embarrassed about my skin. I couldn’t believe that I had these problems as a teenager and still was having them being 28 and basically just made me feel uncomfortable in my skin.

Were there any other treatments you tried before coming to Clearskincare Clinics?
I had facials and used all types of products. I had antibiotics and creams. I went to dermatologists and spent hundreds of dollars on products and nothing really worked.

When did you start SGA (Permanent Pimple Removal) and how many treatments have you had?
I started it when I signed up for Skin Gym, which is a really great program they have here. I had been coming here for Crystallite, which also helped with my skin but ever since I heard of Skin Gym and saw the great value it was, I was keen to start straight away. When I started they told me about SGA, so I have had a treatment every month since then, so it’s been about 4 treatments in 5 months.

How did you find your first treatment?

It was much easier then I expected, it was a little bit painful but nothing like some of the things I have been too, like extraction facials. It just feels like a pinprick in your skin and a little buzz, not as bad as even squeezing a pimple. It’s quite mild and easy.

How has your skin changed since you started SGA at Clearskincare Clinics?
It has changed me definitely for the better. I hardly get breakouts anymore. I use to get pimples in the same area all the time but SGA treats the area and I never get a pimple in the same spot. My skin has cleared up so much and I hardly ever get breakouts. I only get one pimple at a time instead of 15 or 20 like I use to get. Everyone keeps commenting on how much clearer it is and I’m just so much happier with it.

How has this affected your life?
Basically it has just given me so much more confidence for everyday. I’m happy to go meet new people at work and I don’t feel embarrassed. I use to always be the one that takes photos when my friends and me went out and never wanted to be in them. Now, I can be in photos and I just feel so much more confident. Also, I don’t have to worry about makeup as much, I use to have to put makeup on even on the weekends if I was having a day off, I wasn’t confident in myself to not wear any, my skin was just too bad. Now on a Sunday I never put makeup on and I’m so much happier with it and more confident in myself.

Would you recommend this treatment to sufferers of the same skin concerns?
Definitely, in fact I already have recommended it to several people I know. I just think it’s amazing, it is the best treatment, it’s like a miracle cure.
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Watch Megan’s First Treatment of SGA, Permanent Drug Free Acne Treatment

Megan suffers from a combination of cists, fine active acne papules and active pimples. Watch her receive her first SGA treatment

Watch Meg have an SGA treatment

Watch Meg talk about her results

cited to have a solution.
Watch Meg continuue her journey with SGA

Meet Megs

“I use to have very red, lumpy and cystic acne on my cheek before the treatment and they would never come to a head, so I could never clear it out with extraction even if I wanted to and since having the treatment 6 weeks ago, they are gone and haven’t come back. I can’t even feel them under my skin anymore”

How would you rate this treatment to others that you have had?
I myself work in a skin and laser clinic, so I have been exposed to a lot of treatments from peels to pixel to IPL and different product ranges. Whilst they have helped maintain the actual condition and calmed the condition down, nothing has ever treated it and made it go away. This is the only treatment that has made this breakouts completely disappear. So if I had to give it a score out of 10, I would give it a 11 out of 10 because it works and not only can I see it works but I can also feel it working underneath my skin.

So that is your second treatment you’ve done, how do you think it went?
Great, I’m really excited because I saw how good the first one went, so I’m just really excited to see the results from the second treatment…I’m just so excited to wake up in the morning and not have to cake my face in makeup to try and hide all of these because it’s quite embarrassing, especially my age and what I do for my work. So I’m so excited to have a solution.

4 weeks on from Megan’s second treatment, she tells us how it went…
The last treatment I had was a lot more intense. we covered a lot more breakouts and a lot of congestion underneath the skin. So a lot of breakouts that sat underneath the skin and would never come to the surface. So the treatment itself was more intense and the recovery time was more intense, it probably took about 2 weeks for my skin to calm down and not have that rough feel and sensation of wanting to pick and touch it all the time. So in terms of my experience, it was a lot more full on but we got so much more congestion cleared this time.

How are you feeling now about your skin?
I’m so happy. I’m wearing next to no makeup today. You can see that I still have a few breakouts I need to work on but in terms of how I feel when I wake in the morning, it is so good to not look back at a pimply, red, oily face. I’m looking back at a face I work on, I eat the right foods, I drink the water but I just couldn’t control these hormonal breakouts and finally it looks great now. There is no redness, there is next to no bumpiness on the skin, it looks good, it feels good, I can hardly feel any congestion underneath the skin. The first few treatments worked really well on getting rid of the top but I could still feel congestion. Now when I touch my skin, there are no bumps underneath the surface either, so it’s just amazing, I’m so happy.

Will you be having another treatment?

I still have a few hormonal breakouts happening underneath the skin and I do still have some small congestion that I would still like to work on but it’s almost getting to the point of where I can have perfect skin and I thought I would be happy if I could just get rid of the appearance but now I can have perfect skin. So I’ll keep going until every little last breakout congestion is gone.



Age: 20 Location: Hurstville
Treatment: SGA
How many treatments? 6 treatments

How many years have you suffered with breakouts?
1 year

What other treatments or products have you tried?
I hadn’t really tried any treatments in a clinic or beauty salon before, however I had tried almost every product that was on the market. Nothing seemed to work, all the creams available didn’t do anything for my skin until I came across Clearskincare.

What is your skin like now?
Significantly better, I don’t get as many breakouts now. Only when I get my period do I get the occasional spot.

Has this increased your confidence?
Definitely as I don’t have to wear as much foundation now.

How has SGA changed your life?

SGA has changed my life by giving me confidence and a belief in choosing a treatment that actually works.

Would you recommend it to your friends and family?

Definitely, if you have a problem with your skin, you want to find a way to fix it and I have found that solution.

Any other comments?
I’m really happy with the treatment as well as with Kelly’s(Kelly from Clearskincare Kogarah) explanations and the way she makes me feel comfortable. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. If you have a problem with your skin then this is definitely the place to go.
href=””>Click here to find out more about Skin Gym.
To learn more about Acne + our treatments, visit Dr Philippa McCaffery’s Acne blog



Meet Kristel

Age: 28 Location: Woodcroft
Treatment: SGA, Peel + Crystalite treatments
How many? 9 treatments
Started treatments? August 2012

Message From Kristel

Good day!These are my photos before and after the treatment. I took photos every time I saw improvement and they are huge huge improvements.

Here are some of them, I made a collage so I can compare and see the results. The photos are taken during my SGA treatments just after the Skin Peel and Crystalite.

Thank you, thank you! You don’t know how much it means to me. This skin gym has made my skin improve so so much. You may think that I am exaggerating, but I’m not. I’ve tried everything, all of it did not work! Had I known about this 3 years ago, I would have done it without hesitations. It’s all worth it. So, I’m still having the Skin Gym program and excited for the following months. I’m Looking forward to it. Kristel
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